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˗ˋˏ kdwow ˎˊ˗
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VERY CURVY (BBW) 40DDD on top & XXL everywhere and I have a short haircut (sometimes wigs) and i usually have a naturally hairy body ✨ ❤ Huge Squirter 💦

Migo cutz
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Haircut videos. Tutorials. Blending methods and more

Amali May Pandora
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joined Nov, 2021

Aesthetics of a girl with a short haircut

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I’m primarily a musician. A singer songwriter to be exact. I’ve also done some acting and some modeling but I’m sticking mostly to my music these days because it’s what I’m best at. Right now I am conspiring with a group of studio musicians and we call ourselves the Banished Boys. You know…I think it has something to do with the pandemic and being banished from society because we’re unsavory musicians anyway? Nothing could be further from the truth! We are sweethearts! Unfortunately you will not see a lot of videos (initially) of the band play together live because four out of five of us are under contract as studio musicians with different labels. So… we can’t just start popping up on videos playing wherever we’d like without giving the record label a haircut. WTF! (I should leave that as the dictation came out! Ha ha! 😂 It’s supposed to say without giving the record label their cut! Ha ha ha ha! That will change later on and you will see us performing together.

joined Nov, 2021

Hi baby, i'm Ailish Jones

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Blazing redhead w abandoned issues lmao be nice to me pls. I don’t post daily bc I’m a depressed pos but I will get to you I promise & I appreciate your patience with me.

Johnson Biggs
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I am an exhibitionist who likes to share pictures and homemade movies. Check me out!! Enjoy

Single Serving Girlfriend <3
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Alright people, let's start at the beginning one more time. ;) I’m your girl next door with the Gwen haircut, smoking Mary Jane, making too many (is that a thing?) pop culture references fuelled by an exorbitant amount of espresso.

joined Jul, 2021

Thick thighs and big boobs! 🍆💦💦

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Follow me here to explore my body, underwear, photo shoots and life's sweetest moments taken for you with photos and video clips 👉👌💦💦

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I’m a cali girl, I love to rave and travel. On my page you will expect:

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Updated profile pic, fatty got a haircut. Maybe a little less fat too.

Haircut Game Tips
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Professional Barber Since 2008

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