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Teralyn Mitchell
joined Dec, 2021

I'm using this account to share the steamy/spicy scenes in my book that the Tikky Tok doesn't like! No censoring here! Sexy scenes from books only- there's no nudes here folks. These scenes get blocked/banned other places and I want to share them). I'm proud to be a romance author who writes book that explores women's sexuality in anyway I can. There's nothing wrong with that and I hate that what I (and other romance authors) share usually gets blocked or banned. My passion is writing sexy romance novels (explicit) that are all about friendships, family, and living your best life all while finding love (because it's not a romance novel without an HEA).

joined Jul, 2019

I’ve been told that I am somewhat of a spark, capable of taking most any desire, fanning its flames until it burns with a ferocity of a wildfire. I believe that we rise by lifting others, and I am well equipped to inspire the greatness thats erected within another. I have a high degree of adaptability, allowing me to anticipate your needs with an almost magical delicacy. We all have our fortes in life, and I know mine, I can be the perfect son, a fraternity brother, or even your secret lover. I’m down to earth, and very well immersed, which has given me the rhythm to well versed. I practice my authenticity, so please know that I will always keep it real, mutual respect and honesty is what seals the deal. I’ve learned, the best things in life are to be kept wild and free, I am beautiful blend between soul food and eye candy.

Eden Fanning
89 Likes, joined Feb, 2022

| Exclusive content 💦 Posting wildest photos & videos. 💘 Daily POST 💘 Custom Videos 💘 D*ck ratings (I love that) ✨ And MUCH more 🌷watch me play r2r2 naked😩💦

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