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Sex Tyga
joined Jan, 2022

Free spirited Sex tyga

2 Likes, joined Aug, 2021

Athlete athlete man who likes to exercise his body

287 Likes, joined Dec, 2019

💍👬michaelbjordansHUSBAND.Blogspot.Com 🤠🤴princeharryzTwin @fordModels CAeO @rickjames Godson #michaelbjordan's #OLDERTwin/#Husband #MorehouseMan @lilfizz @bowwow @tyga @treysongz💦🎬👬🏰🪄💎#RoyalTwinz #MorehouseAlum @KatGraham's Bae* #StephCurry u Ready.? U a triplett and @lilfizz our I got you quadruplet. 💍🤴🏼🤴🏼🤴🏼🤴🏼🥀♾️🥶🔥🤫👑🍼🎥📹🌇 Lori is Mikeys Sperm #Photoshop/ #Cgi #FaceSwap lupita and Terrence j punked me cuzI chose fizz my blended spermcell baby daddy. Sorry cuz I own viacom and mila's heart so the jokes on yawl #SteveHarvey is my sperm cell genetically designed my embryo old. Ps we got dicks like Jesus. Lyrics their karmic hex. Theres no divorce his flesh still never touched her she my ex. I pecked brias grifindor shot I'm prince harry's twin bro.. let the white pour. 73/27top ☯️⚡🎁🎅🏽🍑🎬 #BravoAndy #HeReady. Paris hilton my 1st cuz, the simple life order g700/500k dm l did have assassinate chadwick he tried to touch mikey.Jeff's uncivfConnect⚰©👼🤠 mine

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joined Aug, 2021

Daddy in the sheets and a dumbass in the streets 💋💋

295 Likes, joined Mar, 2020

It’s only 1 Tyga 🐅😈

The Tyga Cage 🐯💦
2.26K Likes, joined Jan, 2021

come get naughty with me 😋

Tyga The Creator
317 Likes, joined Jan, 2019

Pretty face . RAW ass vibe 💕

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