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Anastasia Russian Tattoo Model
529 Likes, joined Mar, 2020

I'm a creative girl 😋😏

Kendall Tattoo Free
1 Likes, joined Nov, 2021

Follow me on for more exclusive content.

Kendall Tattoo
joined Nov, 2021

Follow me on for free and exclusive content.

51 Likes, joined Feb, 2022

Welcome my dear guest.

2 Likes, joined Jun, 2021

Rosa tattoo

46 Likes, joined Dec, 2020

Bisexual tattoo artist here. Sex, seduction, and sushi remain in the upper echelon of my priorities. Everyone has a type, taste, and aversion, right? For me I love twinks, femboys, drag queens, and smooth hairless gentlemen. I love someone who can rock a suit or dress and hold a conversation—despite a few tangents along the way.

18 Likes, joined Sep, 2021

Hi, I am Steph, I am a tattoo artist and now you have the opportunity to see me as you will not see in a tattoo session

Tattoo Academy
joined Mar, 2022

Tattoo page dedicated to tattoo information and knowledge

119 Likes, joined Jun, 2021

Tattoomodel 💯 Enjoy some of my uncensored work as a model and privat snapshots 😈 Let me know if you have any requests

The Girl With The Snake Tattoo
439 Likes, joined Jan, 2022

I do actually have a snake tattoo! It's pretty sick!

Bearded tattoo
323 Likes, joined Jul, 2021

Straight 29 year old. 6'2. BWC 7" . Working towards a full body suit tattoo. will respond to all messages . So feel free to msg me with any questions or requests. Free rates with any sub. Accepting of anyone guy girl lgbtq+.

Travis tattoo boy
41 Likes, joined Feb, 2020

Tattoo boy - cooming soon

39 Likes, joined Aug, 2021

You'll never see my face, you'll never see what most hope to see, you'll only see what I allow you to show you. Your curiosity will be put to the test but you will like it. Sweet during the day and formidable at night .... write to me if you want to find out what are my hidden talents ...💋

171 Likes, joined Oct, 2021

Welcome my dear guest.

155 Likes, joined May, 2017

Living lift to the fullest

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