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Big Toy Gainer
79 Likes, joined Jan, 2021

Brazilian gainer | I am a big toy for all the encouragers who want to feed me. Help me eat more and get bigger! | 18+ only | SW: 265lbs - CW: 395lbs - GW: 550lbs

BallBelly Gainer Bear
261 Likes, joined Oct, 2021

Exclusive adult vids! This muscle n gut gainr had a love-hate relationship with gains most of his life and never got above 215 pounds on his own. Now living with his Master feeder the gains are comin along nicely and regular-like. With a gym injury in 2021, my gainer slave gained 20 lbs of solid ballgut in just 2 months with a belly-building diet that included absolutely 0 gym time. Now back in the gym, rehabbing at 250#, 54" ballgut, shooting for 260# PLUS and a 60" PLUS beach ball belly!

Pig Slave Gainer
24 Likes, joined Oct, 2021

Now doing custom videos. Just message me!

Donovan that Bulky Asian Gainer
71 Likes, joined Jan, 2022

Hey, I'm Donovan, currently in a natty muscle gainer phase, you can expect me to come on here to eat, lift, & enjoy myself :3

384 Likes, joined Apr, 2021

I've been told to give this a try, so here i am! I'm an aspiring gainer determined to reach my goal of 200lbs, with some beefiness in the process!

513 Likes, joined Nov, 2019

NSFW chub and gainer content, some explicit some not ✴️ a man of contradictions ✴️

193 Likes, joined Oct, 2021

Hello everyone! I'm MrDessert, a bottom gainer.

5 Likes, joined Oct, 2019

Need more food! Need more fat! Need more chub and rolls! Need more me to grab! Need bigger belly and moobs!

Las Vegas Guy
68 Likes, joined Aug, 2020

26 year old gainer from Las Vegas with my Man making gainer content. Message us if you would like a commission! On grommr we are LasVegasGuy and Tbrbon2113

Cherries BBW 🍒
8.06K Likes, joined Aug, 2020

Gainer turned fat MILF next door

Dom Feeder & Sub Gainer
9.87K Likes, joined Jan, 2021


6.35K Likes, joined Mar, 2021

Hey boys BigFattyBC here a gainer who has gone from, 159 pounds to 504 pounds and wanting to grow more! with this you can help me grow fatter and fatter. any money made goes only to food to stuff my fat face. I plan on taking lots of pics and videos of the growth

The Overfed Meathead
1.45K Likes, joined Jun, 2018

22 Yo Muscle Gainer with a big appetite 💪🏻🐷

254 Likes, joined Mar, 2019

Male gainer trying to fatten myself up to 350+ lbs

BBW Layla
27.0K Likes, joined Oct, 2020

Aussie BBW Feedee and Gainer Model

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