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Hi! I’m Cleo xx I’m 19 and to sum me up I’m just an Aussie girl who loves squirting… and realised people love watching me squirt!

I’m not a professional pornstar, I’m just a girl running her own page and making amateur soft core porn to help brighten your day and lighten your “load” haha.

Message me if you’re ever horny because I’m a nympho with a non existent sleep schedule and I love to sext!

I’m also very open to getting to know you personally and developing a great relationship with our own banter and even cute nicknames hehe 😜

All this being said, if you’re wanting any of the above but not willing to spend any money please move along. I am a bubbly happy go lucky girl who appreciates everyone who spends, so they are the ones that are going to get spoilt and receive all my attention! $0 = 0 attention

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