OnlyFans Success Not 'Easy Money,' Says Woman Earning $30k Monthly

calendar_month 05.06.2023

A woman earning $30,000 per month via OnlyFans debunks the myth of it being 'easy money.' She suggests it's far from being an effortless source of income.

OnlyFans, the subscription-based platform, has grown massively in popularity over the past few years, creating substantial earning opportunities. With countless stories of individuals leaving their traditional jobs to pursue a career on the platform, it might seem like an appealing and effortless venture.

However, Laura Lux, an OnlyFans model who earns approximately $30,000 per month, challenges this belief. She argues that achieving success on the platform isn't as straightforward as taking an explicit photo and uploading it.

Previously a stripper, Laura was already accustomed to being sexualized before joining the platform. She joined OnlyFans in 2018, prior to its skyrocketing popularity, aiming to turn her situation into a means for a fun and financially secure life.

She shares daily posts on the platform, with subscribers having to pay for more explicit content. Despite what some might think, her day typically mirrors a regular 9-to-5 job, filled with responding to messages, administrative tasks, and content planning.

A significant portion of her day is consumed by conversations with her subscribers, considering her large following of over two million on Instagram.

Laura cautions those considering an OnlyFans career to reflect on the potential implications for their future. She emphasizes that online sex work is not 'easy money.'

She asserts that while the market is heavily saturated, her success is primarily due to her existing followers from MySpace, Instagram, and Patreon. She didn't start from zero.

In addition, she alerts individuals to the permanency of internet content, and the likelihood that explicit photos and videos will remain online forever.

Laura underlines the unlikely prospect of making substantial money and the challenges associated with being active on social media, such as dealing with derogatory comments associated with sex work.