OnlyFans Stars Respond to Criticism Over Inviting School-Leavers to Participate in Adult Videos

calendar_month 29.11.2023

Two OnlyFans content creators have sparked controversy by inviting 18-year-old high school graduates in Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast, to participate in the creation of explicit content for their subscriber-only platforms. British expatriate Bonnie Blue, 24, and Brisbane-based Leilani May, 25, used social media to extend this invitation to young adults celebrating the completion of their school exams, known locally as 'Schoolies'.

The invitation led to accusations of predatory behavior, but the duo defended their actions, emphasizing that all individuals they engaged with were above the legal age of consent. The pair insisted that they conduct thorough ID checks, obtain signed consent forms, and verify the sobriety of participants before filming. Additionally, they offered the option for participants to keep their faces off-camera to maintain privacy.

Despite these precautions, Blue and May faced significant backlash, with some labeling their actions as “disgusting”. Addressing these criticisms, Blue, speaking to the Gold Coast Bulletin, highlighted the legality of their actions. She stressed the clear legal demarcation of age consent, dismissing concerns over participants potentially being underage. "We check ID, we have a process – they are consenting adults," Blue stated.

Blue also revealed that they had received numerous messages from school-leavers eager to participate. The decision to involve school-leavers came after initially filming only with established creators. "We thought 'Why not?'," Blue remarked, explaining the shift in their approach.

May added that they have taken extensive health and safety measures, including requiring participants to sign legal documents. Contrary to concerns raised by critics, May assured that participants are sober during filming and highlighted the practice of safe sex. "We as sex workers are checked every two weeks," she said, underscoring their commitment to health and safety standards.

Both creators emphasized the voluntary nature of participation, noting that it was entirely the choice of the school-leavers to reach out and take part. "If they don’t want to do it, they don’t reach out – it’s their choice,” May concluded.

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