OnlyFans Star Disowned by Family Over X-rated Content, Continues to Thrive.

calendar_month 09.05.2023

OnlyFans Star Disowned by Family After X-rated Account Discovery; Says She's Thriving Regardless

An OnlyFans star, Kayla Jade, shared how her family disowned her after they found out about her X-rated account, but she maintains she's doing well without them. Kayla, who ranks in the top 0.1% of creators on the platform, initially didn't hide her account from friends and family but also didn't advertise it openly.

As her popularity grew, however, her family members discovered her work, leading to conflicts. One male relative paid to view her content and then shared screenshots with the rest of the family. While her father was supportive, another family member disowned her and cut all ties. Kayla believes this experience removed toxicity from her life, and she no longer cares what people think. She also criticized the way people treat sex workers and the lack of respect for their privacy.