OnlyFans Model Confronts 'Sexist' Remarks with Clever Strategy

calendar_month 10.05.2023

OnlyFans model, Bonnie Locket, uses witty tactics to counter 'sexist' remarks Despite owning a collection of luxury cars, the model claims men continue to underestimate her automotive knowledge.

Bonnie Locket, an OnlyFans influencer, has expressed her frustrations about the “sexist” remarks she often receives in the car enthusiast community, despite her extensive knowledge and collection of high-end vehicles.

The 35-year-old, originally from Cheshire, has invested more than £1 million in her passion for cars, recently adding a £350,000 Lamborghini Aventador to her garage. Her love for fast cars is shared with her followers on her social media platform (@bonnielocketdrives), where she also promotes her OnlyFans account.

However, her deep interest in the automotive world often invites undesired "sexist comments" from men who question her knowledge. Speaking to Nude PR, Locket expressed her disappointment, stating, “There are so many people that say ‘get her out the car scene’. It’s not very nice and I’m fed up of sexist men."

Despite the online bias, Bonnie holds her own in real-world interactions, countering presumptions with her passion for cars. She shared an instance when people assumed her husband owned their car, only to be surprised when he corrected them, stating that it was, in fact, his wife's car.

To counteract the negative comments online, Bonnie has devised a clever strategy to boost her user engagement. She intentionally makes incorrect car references in her captions, prompting men to correct her. Although she admits that her followers are starting to see through her joke, she maintains that it's all in good fun.

Bonnie's love for cars traces back to her childhood, influenced by her three car-loving brothers. Her family, including her 70-year-old mother who owns an Evo Ten, has always been passionate about cars. Now, Bonnie is considering taking her passion to the racetrack, with plans for drag racing and drifting.

Despite the challenges she faces, Bonnie believes that her gender has its perks in the car world, allowing her to create unique content. She is also using her passion for cars as a stepping stone for a new career, aiming to eventually leave the world of OnlyFans behind. Despite the negative comments, her husband, Brad, remains incredibly supportive and looks forward to the day she can leave OnlyFans behind.