"From Fish and Chips to High Flying: Aussie OnlyFans Creator Reveals her Journey to a $20k Weekly Income and Luxury Travel"

calendar_month 12.05.2023

As an OnlyFans creator hailing from Australia, I generate a weekly income of $20k, enabling me to experience the world in luxury - and it's not just about selling provocative content.

Previously a high school dropout employed in a fish and chip shop, Amber, known online as Amber Goes Wild, has managed to amass over $500,000 in a mere six months through OnlyFans.

Amber credits OnlyFans with granting her the financial liberty to globe-trot and secure a house, earning a weekly income ranging from $10,000 to $20,000.

After contending with anxiety, bullying, and dropping out of school at 16 in search of fulfilling work, she has diligently worked to rebuild her self-confidence. When the Covid pandemic shattered her aspirations of becoming a flight attendant, the 22-year-old turned to the adult-oriented platform.

Amber has shared some of the most peculiar requests from her subscribers, including a reenactment of an infamous scene from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory where a character morphs into a blueberry. This Brisbane-based model was compensated $500 to imitate Violet Beauregard's transformation after tasting Willy Wonka's peculiar gum in a rather sensual manner.

Amber's been surprised with simpler requests as well, such as footage of her showering, eating dinner, or even brushing her teeth. Foot-related requests also seem to be quite popular among her followers.

While some requests used to unsettle her, Amber now views them as part of her daily job and is more than willing to cater to her subscribers' whims.

This readiness to go the extra mile for her fans has culminated in the lucrative career she had always envisioned.

Amber had learned the significance of hard work at an early age, juggling school with a full-time job at a fish and chip shop. Struggling to find a satisfying job that aligned with her financial aspirations after dropping out of school due to incessant bullying, Amber initially worked for an agency that claimed half her income. She then decided to venture out on her own, promoting herself on social media.

Her efforts proved fruitful, and she soon found herself with thousands of monthly subscribers, racking up over $500,000 in under a year.

Now, Amber earns between $10,000 and $20,000 per week from her provocative requests and monthly subscriptions. She highlights how the platform has bestowed her with financial stability and the opportunity to earn while exploring the globe.

OnlyFans has facilitated her travels to countries like the US, Indonesia, and New Caledonia, and enabled her to enter the property market.

"My passion lies in real estate. I've always dreamt of investing in properties and living off the returns. OnlyFans offers me the freedom to live life on my own terms," Amber said.

"The flexibility to work at my convenience and the assurance of a steady income is incredible. It's exhilarating to spontaneously book a cruise a week before departure just because I felt like it."