"Enthralled by an OnlyFans Siren, a Fan Casts Aside His Marriage and Signs His Life Insurance Away"

calendar_month 03.08.2023

Mercedes Valentine, a radiant OnlyFans model, commands such captivating allure that her devotees seem prepared to make the most extraordinary sacrifices. This 22-year-old beacon of desire, who harmonizes her influencer lifestyle with a diligent study of neuroscience in Sussex, has come forward to shed light on the staggering extents her admirers are prepared to venture.

The most fervent of her followers beseech the chance to enter servitude under her sway. These individuals are not merely aiding her in ticking off items from her Amazon Wish Lists, they’re taking leaps of commitment that Valentine herself admits she has never solicited.

Among the ventures, they've undertaken are the symbolic signing over of their souls, drastic steps like abandoning their marriages, and even surrendering life insurance policies. Initially bewildered by this unexpected desire for servitude, Valentine has gradually come to terms with this phenomenon.

“I am in possession of an unexpected abundance of slaves. One such follower even presented me with his soul, it appears to be the trend these days,” she confessed. “This was an unexplored territory for me. There exists a virtual slave registry, it seems.

“I found it puzzling, this desire to be my slave, as I don’t necessarily project a dominant persona.”

Describing herself as "Your favourite athlete and Pole dancer," Valentine demands a monthly subscription fee of $14 from her legion of followers on OnlyFans, while also promoting a myriad of additional services. None of these, however, demand any disruptive actions such as forsaking their marriages.

While such instances may be par for the course for an OnlyFans model, they certainly transcend the norms of everyday behaviour. Despite not prompting any marital dissolution among her followers, Valentine has shared that such instances have occurred, and even beyond.

She recounts, “One of my ‘slaves’ parted ways with his wife, transferred his life insurance policy to my name, and even got tattoos dedicated to me.

“His life insurance is now mine. He divorced his wife, got my face tattooed, even one on his ring finger,” she continued. “But none of this was ever my ask.”

Valentine views herself as an ordinary individual, one who just happens to rake in significant revenue from a vast subscriber base, some of whom are clamoring to become her slaves, and are prepared to undertake the most absurd commitments like getting divorced and signing over their souls.

Subtracting these peculiarities from the equation, she feels no different from the common crowd. So, the extra attention and unasked gestures being directed towards her are quite baffling, even though she does derive a certain enjoyment from it.

“From the outsider's perspective, you become this unattainable dream, unreachable either due to geographical distances or because they feel they could never be with a girl like that in their real lives,” she expounded. “It's flattering that people believe in you, but they often overlook that I’m an ordinary individual.”

However, a wake-up call seems necessary for Mercedes Valentine. None of what she has just shared, whether it be on the giving or receiving end, falls within the usual parameters of 'normal' human conduct.