Elle Brooke and Sister Face Disturbing 'Incest' Requests on OnlyFans Platform

calendar_month 05.05.2023

Boxer Elle Brooke and her sister, Emily, have faced bizarre 'incest' requests from some of their OnlyFans subscribers. The pair have been asked to create X-rated content together, which they describe as disturbing and urge those making such requests to "seek help."

Elle and Emily have collaborated on the platform before but follow a strict set of guidelines. The Saving Grace podcast host, Grace Keeling, advised them to report such messages to the police. Emily shared an experience of someone admitting to fantasizing about their own sibling.

The sisters have created "striptease" content together, maintaining that nothing inappropriate occurs and that they don't touch each other in the videos. Emily mentioned that they had to film multiple takes because they couldn't help but laugh at the absurdity of the situation.

Interestingly, Emily revealed that some of her subscribers include "former managers from work," who have found their way to her OnlyFans account.