Charlie Sheen's Daughter Sami Sheen Celebrates One Year on OnlyFans with Gratitude

calendar_month 16.06.2023

Charlie Sheen's daughter, Sami Sheen, celebrated a significant milestone in her career on OnlyFans, expressing gratitude to her subscribers on the platform. The 19-year-old, who is the daughter of Denise Richards and Charlie Sheen, marked her one-year anniversary of creating content on OnlyFans, a subscription-based platform known for its adult content.

In an Instagram post on June 14, Sami shared a photo of herself wearing an OnlyFans shirt, captioning it with "cheers to 1 year with @onlyfans." She expressed her immense gratitude towards her subscribers and thanked them for always engaging with her.

Earlier, Sami referred to herself as a "sex worker" in a TikTok video, but later clarified that she does not engage in physical encounters or film explicit content. She emphasized that her main source of income comes from her OnlyFans account and highlighted the various forms of sex work that exist.

Sami joined OnlyFans in June of the previous year, shortly after turning 18. Initially, her father Charlie Sheen expressed disapproval of her decision, but he later changed his stance and recognized the importance of supporting Sami. He acknowledged the need for a united parental front and expressed his support for her new venture.

As Sami continues her journey on OnlyFans, she is grateful to have the backing of her parents and looks forward to what lies ahead.