Annie Knight, an OnlyFans creator from Australia, was asked to leave a beach by an older woman, who she referred to as a 'Karen', due to her micro bikini being 'too small'.

calendar_month 21.05.2023

The 26-year-old expressed her indignation on TikTok, arguing that the woman had no right to dictate her attire. "Sure, it's a micro bikini, but who cares? I'm attractive," she stated.

"This woman was the epitome of a Karen - so judgmental and rude about it. It's obvious she's just envious of my youth and attractiveness while she's aged," she added.

Annie advised anyone who feels uncomfortable to simply move on. She reminded her 59k TikTok followers that the woman didn't own the beach nor was she part of any governing body. She firmly stated her intent to live her life as she pleases.

Supportive comments flooded her TikTok video, cheering her on and stating that "jealousy is a curse". Some commenters, however, suggested the possibility of children being present at the beach.

Annie, who has been vocal about body issues in the past, had previously shared about her battle with an eating disorder, which began when she was weighed in a 4th grade maths class. The experience, particularly being lined up according to weight, was a defining moment that triggered a change in her eating habits and led to severe underweight issues.